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Why People and Community are More Important than Channels.

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

When it comes to cultivating customer relationships, brand communities are the most effective channel. Brands can foster retention while promoting long-term, organic development by investing in communities rather than merely relying on paid advertising.

Brand and companies used to heavily incorporate tightly knit channels (magazines, TV, and billboards) for their marketing and branding which have been immensely changed in the past few years due to the birth of social media. Nonetheless, investing in platforms like Instagram or display ads isn't enough anymore, brands should be eager to diversify their marketing spend.

The power today lies in directly engaging with the individuals who develop communities around companies and being part of communities. Communities involvement is a simple and effective method to raise brand recognition, build a favorable reputation, and expand your business.

The benefits of people and community involvement

Successful brands and businesses already know that there is more than one group or channel that may influence buyers to purchase such as customers who leave reviews, experts who provide product recommendations, and affiliates who promote their favorite goods all have the power to influence sales, just like traditional social media influencers.

Nowadays, brands must manage diverse communities that weigh in at all levels in order to fuel development and drive advocacy. This entails co-creating products, providing experiences, and telling stories with a brand's community.

People and the community grow loyalty

When businesses start focusing on community building—whether it's getting closer to an existing one or assisting in the formation of a new one—it has a significant influence that creates emotional relationships. When a new community emerges, those who previously felt isolated find common ground.

They start to feel like they have a place to call home. People who once felt ostracized now receive recognition when an existing community is enhanced. They realize they have a significant role to perform.

People and the community create authenticity

When businesses do this— being part of communities that give concrete and emotional value, and by bringing employees and consumers together to address common problems—they foster long-term loyalty and uncover new streams of revenue.

People are and should have been always at the center of a business focus. For a business, being part of communities will inevitably strengthen visiblity, allow people to get to know product better, and help create a reliable, trustworthy business image.

Successful businesses invest in things that may or may not lead to increased sales, but that will build their brands in the long run. Brands may increase retention by forming communities around their services. Digital businesses are increasingly emphasizing the necessity of reaching and engaging customers rather than simply driving traffic to generate cash. There's no doubt that community participation is undeniably an important factor that businesses and brands must include in order to sustain growth.

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