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What Is The Expat Market And How to Enter

What exactly is an expatriate?

Expats are migrant workers who are professionals or skilled workers in their field. The worker accepts a position outside of his or her home country, either on his or her own initiative or as part of a work assignment arranged by the employer, which can be a company, university, government, or non-governmental organization.

Expats typically earn more than they would at home, as well as more than local workers. Businesses sometimes provide relocation assistance and housing allowances to their expatriate employees in addition to salary.

Living as an expatriate can be exciting and provide excellent opportunities for career advancement and global business exposure, but it can also be an emotionally difficult transition involving separation from friends and family while adjusting to a new culture and work environment. As a result, the higher compensation offered to these migrant workers.

What exactly is the expat market?

When expats first move abroad, they usually have no brand loyalty. They either buy the first product they see, ask colleagues for recommendations, or conduct online research. This means that online marketing, particularly content marketing, is critical for reaching out to expats.

Recognizing the Expat Opportunity

Before we get into the "how" of reaching out to them, we need to understand the "why."

Still unsure whether the expat market is a profitable and meaningful one to focus on for your long-term business strategies.

Here are a few compelling arguments in favour of the opportunity:

  • Expat wages are typically 400-900 percent higher than local wages; even with the pandemic narrowing the gap with less appealing compensation packages, the difference is still significant

  • Complex immigration processes, as well as acclimating to a new culture and way of life, pose significant challenges to expats relocating to a new country for work.

The recovery of global economies from the pandemic may increase the demand for foreign currency.

How to Enter The Expat Market

To be able to capture this market, your company must understand their pain points and provide appropriate solutions. So, what are the needs and desires of the expatriate community?

Despite their diverse nature as expatriates from various cultures, the following are some of the common pain points they face on their journey away from home:

Because relocation has many consequences for an individual's lifestyle, extensive research must be conducted prior to the move to determine what needs to be done before the relocation. There is a lot to do and a lot of decisions to make, from settling immigration paperwork to opening new bank accounts for finances, finding housing, and handling logistics.

The Opportunity

Being able to provide well-researched information and a clear road map for these frazzled expatriates with too many things on their minds is a great way for businesses to position their brand as credible vendors who can help them settle their needs.

After the big move, expatriates continue to face challenges in living in a completely new environment. And that is where services to help them overcome language barriers, deal with housing issues, establish a social network, and keep in contact with their family and friends abroad will be extremely valuable.

The Opportunity

Knowing which channels expatriates seek help and support post-move is essential to being able to reach them and offer your solutions. Do some research about which digital platform they primarily rely on – is it dedicated expat forums, Facebook groups, or any other platforms? If so, marketing outreach on the specific platforms will help you get your message to them most effectively. Case Studies of Targeted Expat Marketing To help you see targeted marketing for this segment in action, we have pulled together 2 examples of how businesses have tailored their marketing to attract the expat community.

Finding the right market to enter the expat market

The market for expatriate media and expat marketing is highly fragmented. We are one of the renowned communication and media agencies specialising in the expat market that you can trust for marketing communication and business development.

Premium Marketing is a strategic marketing agency creating growth for Direct to Consumer brands looking for Premium Customers. Premium customers which are the expat markets are 48% more likely to promote a brand. Furthermore, 41% of this audience say they tell their friends and family about new products (25% more likely than everyone else), so they could be extremely influential voices for brands to get on their side.

Market to Top Customers and communities including Executives, Members and Families of Intergovernmental Organisations, EU Institutions, NATO, Embassies, Associations, C-Suite of Corporations and International Businesses.

What we offer

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Market to premium customer communities through omnichannel marketing. We market your brand on exclusive media, communities and platforms, made for premium customers, affluent audiences and high-profile individuals. We communicate with these members not only via social media but also newsletters, blogs, partner media and through the intranet.

Contact us at or through this request info form. Our marketing team is here to assist you in defining the prospect of your company & brand to be part of our exclusive sponsors & partners through ideas and project assessment. We are excited to hear from you soon!

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