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Understanding The Expat Market And Its Important Elements

Do you know that despite the enormous potential, companies and online businesses are slow to participate in marketing expats? There are numerous reasons to focus marketing efforts on expats and this is something that hasn't been widely discussed.

An expatriate, often known as an expat, is a person who lives and works in a country that is not his or her country of origin. It's usually for work-related reasons both for a short-term and long-term arrangement.

Due to strong improvements in global mobility, statistics show there are more than 50,5 million expats - a number that is essentially continually growing - around the world. Furthermore, as stated in the statistic number "Global mobility has increased significantly over the past decade and expatriates constitute a large and diverse market in order to fully describe this market". This number reveals a large, rich, and diversified part of the population that represents a lucrative business potential if you know the right principle and business model to approach them.

Reasons why you should reach out to the expat market

A sense of tribalism within the expat community

The expat community forms relationships and grows a sense of dependency and reliability due to their shared background story and connections for living in a country outside of home. Due to this matter, a shared interest (s) is also being cultivated as one expat will be spending some time together with one another. So, if you maintain and nurture a strong relationship with one expat, you may well have produced a powerful brand ambassador who will bring you more business.

Continuing the point above, keep in mind that expats are a highly segmented audience with specialized demands, so you may need to personalize your message on a very personal and precise level and target them in very specific messages. This has another advantage: it makes it tough for competitors to duplicate your campaign.

Expatriates have a strong online and offline bonding behaviour

Expats aren't just good at building actual communities; they're also good at forming internet communities. They rely so much on digital technology to keep them connected with friends and family but also to keep updated with what is going on with the international community within their area of living.

Expats are far more digitally connected than other people. This is due to the kind of support that they need in order to gain a great number of connections with their fellow expats therefore, they are the most active when interacting over online and offline media.

Social support has a significant impact on well-being and is especially important in times of difficulty and distress, such as during the migration process or relocation to another country. Specific contributions from various sources of support and the underlying benefits contribute heavily to better adjustment and thriving in the face of challenges faced through a relocation experience. This explains why the expat community forms such a tight bond with each other which is a critical aspect to have in order to live a fun and prosperous life abroad.

Key elements to have to help you enter the expat market

First of all, you need to attract interest through a customised offer that is highly aligned with what is perceived as international persona. Moreover, your offer must intrigue the shared beliefs and values that are being represented within the community. This is crucial as any product and service that is complementing the identity of the expat itself tend to be able to penetrate smoothly and successfully the market.

Second element is to use English as the main language of your offer. Due to its diversity factor particularly concerning the differences in the language and country of origin, English is undeniable the main language spoken worldwide within the expat market. Using English in your offer and the language used for your content marketing enable you to connect easily with expatriates.

Finding the right market to enter the expat market

The market for expatriate media and expat marketing is highly fragmented. We are one of the renowned communication and media agencies specialising in the expat market that you can trust for marketing communication and business development.

Premium Marketing is a strategic marketing agency creating growth for Direct to Consumer brands looking for Premium Customers. Premium customers which are the expat markets are 48% more likely to promote a brand. Furthermore, 41% of this audience say they tell their friends and family about new products (25% more likely than everyone else), so they could be extremely influential voices for brands to get on side.

Market to Top Customers and communities including Executives, Members and Families of Intergovernmental Organisations, EU Institutions, NATO, Embassies, Associations, C-Suite of Corporations and International Businesses.

What we offer

✔︎ Your brand introduced to high-value customers ✔︎ Visibility in relevant media and platforms ✔︎ Leverage of omnichannel marketing ✔︎ Expat customer focused copywriting ✔︎ Brand introductions and invites ✔︎ Feature in partner channels ✔︎ Community network intro ✔︎ Branding webpage ✔︎ Landing webpage ✔︎ Newsletters ✔︎ Blog posts ✔︎ and more...

Market to premium customer communities through omnichannel marketing. We market your brand on exclusive media, communities and platforms, made for premium customers, affluent audiences and high profile individuals. We communicate with these members not only via social media but also newsletters, blogs, partner media and through the intranet.

Contact us at or through this request info form. Our marketing team is here to assist you in defining the prospect of your company & brand to be part of our exclusive sponsors & partners through ideas and project assessment. We are excited to hear from you soon!

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