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Solopreneurs and their prominent marketing challenges

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Despite the fulfilling nature of being a solopreneur due to the freedom and the ability to create their own destiny and opportunities, it is undeniably true that most solopreneurs face certain prominent challenges in running their business. In this case, we are going to be discussing the marketing challenges.

There are a lot of solopreneurs that start a business with the hopes of making it big, but only a handful of them obtain the attention and recognition they desire. There is no question that your business is worthless if it does not receive effective attention and enough stimulation from the market. Every business owner must advertise their company in whatever manner possible. Marketing strategies have to be constantly devised, and various forms of marketing have to be implemented; whether it's guerilla marketing or social media marketing, everyone in the market needs to be informed

Based on the real situation in the industry, solopreneurs commonly encounter the following marketing challenges that have prevented them to grow and hence become stagnant which are:

Experiencing a setback of creative thinking and methods

Solopreneurs encounter a variety of marketing issues, one of which is the loss of innovative marketing strategies. There are a lot of solopreneurs that have been advertising their products and services in the traditional method for a long time because they are finding it hard to step up their game to be more digitalized due to time and resource constraints.

Every business wants to do something different, so they come up with a fresh idea that unfortunately gets overdone and uninteresting with time. It appears that the market has run out of innovative marketing concepts, and no one can dispute that this plays a critical part in attracting customers' attention. For a solopreneur, not having enough time to ideally run every aspect of the business, and this case is marketing, can cause them to lose the sense to innovate and hence making the product and service get harder to sell.

The lack of exposure

It is common for a solopreneur to do exceptionally well in terms of marketing in its early months, but then along the time, it gets inconsistent and the performance gradually declines. Most solopreneurs believe that after their business is established and performing well, there is little opportunity for exposure due to its circumstance regarding the limited amount of time and source. Exposure, on the other hand, comes with expansion and with the correct techniques; it will not happen to you automatically; you must work for it, show up every day, and be consistent.

Delegation in this matter also plays a critical role so for a solopreneur, they don't have to do the marketing effort themselves. Nonetheless, it needs time to choose the right partner or team to work together, especially when you are still in the early stage, or choosing the ideal marketing agency to collaborate together.

Ineffective social media presence

Nowadays, almost all businesses advertise their product and services on social media, and unfortunately, users have gotten bored of it to the point that they have begun to ignore these types of online promotion and everything linked to social media marketing campaigns in general. Nonetheless, it is still highly possible to sell and promote via social media as long as it is being done in a strategic manner.

Despite this challenge, solopreneurs must elevate their online presence stronger and more renowned. Difficult? Without a doubt, yes. Here are a few suggestions when it comes to the marketing strategy that should be taken into consideration to boost your marketing presence: use the target audience you selected, communicate and engage with them, and create something that will leave an everlasting impression about your business. Make your product as memorable as possible.

Finding the right marketing channels

It's one of the most typical marketing issues that every solopreneur will face at some point. You have a marketing strategy, but you're not sure how to correctly implement it as there are so many options that you're unsure which is the most dependable, which will offer you the greatest advantages, and which will connect you with your target audience.

Only one thing can solve all of these questions: research. It's critical to conduct a study not only on the market but also on other marketing channels, keep track of prospective channels, weigh all the benefits and drawbacks, and you'll have the greatest option in your hands.

The lack of cash

Finance has always been an issue, and it is sometimes seen as the most difficult marketing hurdle. Marketing necessitates funding, which means more and more money, and money needs a well-thought-out financial plan. Make a well-thought-out budget plan, seek out suitable investors, and go forward. Particularly for solopreneurs that are still developing and are in their early stages, having enough cash to boost their marketing goals is commonly the issue that sets them back from growing.

Doubt and the lack of critical moments to sit back and think through the ideal alternative to overcome your marketing challenges can be your most significant marketing obstacles. You have doubts about your marketing strategy and plans, you might question the quality of your marketing team and partner and why none of the plans worked. Everything appeared to be promising, but you keep asking yourself if they will succeed. To overcome that concern, you'll need trust in your concept and your marketing techniques; if you think online marketing will help you, go ahead and use them; if you don't think they will, don't spend your time and money on them. If you think working with a marketing agency is the prominent solution, go ahead and try. Having broader selection of alternatives could help you gain also broader perspective to help find the solutions.

To sum up, obstacles will always exist, but you must be tough and wise to overcome them. Don't be afraid of them; instead, use them to your advantage. At the very least, be a clever entrepreneur.

One of the solutions to overcome your marketing challenges is by working with a marketing agency. As explained in our article, many small businesses waste a lot of time and money by attempting to market themselves. For a variety of reasons, investing through an agency is a superior option.

With only 300 EUR/month, as a solopreneur, you will have your online and social media presence being handled by real professionals and experts. The type of deliverables that are useful and essential to help you keep up in the market are:

● Short-form copy ~280 characters

● 3 posts per week to 2 major social media networks

● Call-to-action driven toward a link

● One post goes to both networks

● Optimizing your social media accounts

● Creating high-quality images branded with your logo or website URL

Contact us at and collaborate with us!

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