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Premium Marketing Special Offer For The Automotive Industry

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

As being the exclusive marketing and communication agency that is trusted by NATO and has direct access to the organization, Premium Marketing offers solutions for brands and businesses to launch a physical presence at the NATO Automotive Open Show Space.

Auto shows are a cost-effective way to network with prospective customers, and particularly to market your product. Do you want to meet your customers, promote your products and services, or introduce upcoming car models? Then, there is no better solution than being in the heart of the action. With Premium Marketing, you can have your products and services displayed inside NATO HQ Brussels.

The main goal of launching a physical presence at NATO HQ is to achieve a wide network of High-Value customers that includes but is not limited to the International Staff and NATO Missions & Delegations.

To make sure the launch of your physical presence is successful with many visitors participating, the Premium Marketing team is responsible to take care of the overall communication deliverables starting from sending personalized invitations, launching newsletters to the NATO community, promoting your Auto Show booth on our exclusive communication platform, curating and producing video consists of promotion messages that would be displayed on digital screens at NATO Staff Centre, and launching a contest to boost more attention and to increase engagement.

Do you know that the benefits of having a physical presence of your product are tremendous? Don't miss out on the opportunity to display your car at NATO HQ and gain the benefits such as :

  • Raise awareness - Having a physical presence is a good way to raise the profile of your product and generate brand awareness. Keep in mind that there are usually advertising and sponsorship opportunities appearing also when you have a physical presence where people can gather.

  • Meet in-person and networking- Meeting face-to-face with potential customers is a always great way to start building relationships and to allow them to learn about your products.

  • Direct communication to build trust- Being able to explain your offering in person and answer questions directly to your potential customers is ideal when you have a physical presence.

  • Build your database - Meeting with potential customers helps you to start building your marketing lists and generate qualified sales leads.

Contact our Head of Business Operations, Omar Peterson, at to start launching your physical presence at NATO HQ or submit your reservation spot via our reservation page here.

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