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Porsche Centre Brussels Case Study: How To Attain Significant Leads By Launching A Car Show Event.

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

On 16 - 20 May, Porsche Brussels launched an open show space event at the NATO HQ Brussels that showcased 4 of their newest models, which were the Porsche 911, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Taycan, and Porsche Cayenne. There were 100+ people attending the event and participating in the test drive. The test drive itself was conducted directly on-site and the overall experience regarding the test drive according to the event participants was excellent.

One of the participants who requested to test drive

The purpose of the event was divided into four points which are:

  1. To introduce Porsche's newest models to the NATO members

  2. To build connections and relationship

  3. To conduct the test drive and gain insights from the participants

  4. To increase awareness among the NATO members about Porsche Centre Brussels and the available models at the showroom

One of the initiatives of Porsche Centre Brussels signed up under the NATO Automotive Plan was essentially to be able to launch a car show event at the NATO HQ Brussels.

We are the official marketing and communication agency that works directly with the NATO HQ. Therefore, by collaborating with and signing up on one of our plans, Porsche Centre Brussels was able to build connections and promote their offering directly to the people at the NATO members.

Read more about the NATO Automotive Plan here. Do you want to meet your customers, promote your products and services, or introduce upcoming car models? Then, there is no better solution than being at the heart of the action. With Premium Marketing, you can have your products and services displayed inside NATO HQ Brussels.

Standing Food Truck At Porsche Brussels Event.

The Porsche event was more than just an opportunity to connect with the NATO members and to request a test drive, it was also an opportunity to enjoy good food with good people. We know that having a food truck would add more attractions and spice up the event to be more memorable. The Porsche Representatives could have the opportunity to network and have quality time with the NATO members in a non-formal way which is valuable, and particularly important as that helped them to attain their goals.

Some essential steps we did to make sure the success of the event.

1. Conducted an onboarding session with the Porsche Centre Brussels team to make sure all campaign assets in regards to image, video, etc, were delivered on time to support the event campaign. 2. Designed, built, and launched all campaign deliverables such as landing page, campaign message, content schedule and planning, newsletter email marketing, and communication template.

3. Sent event invitations to the NATO members, including event follow-up and event reminders.

4. Published engaging and informative content that explained the agenda of the event, the food truck, and significantly information about the Porsche cars.

You can contact the Porsche Representative at Porsche Brussels if you have any questions regarding one of the Porsche models.

Porsche Centre Brussels:

Grote Baan 395, 1620 Drogenbos, Belgium


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