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Introducing Premium Marketing Exclusive Platforms: NATO Staff Center & Premium Advantages

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Premium Marketing is a communication and marketing agency in Brussels that focuses on cultivating client relationship management with the VIP and exclusive audiences through the use of advanced digital marketing together with privileged access that is granted by exclusive organizations in Belgium such as NATO, Embassies, Eurocontrol, and the EU Institutions where the VIP and exclusive audiences belong to. Due to that matter, all communications and campaigns managed by Premium Marketing are all exposed and launched directly to the VIP and exclusive audiences.

As one of the product lines of Premium Concept, Premium Marketing was launched and initiated to answer the need from the industry to be able to establish communications and relationships with high-value customers, Diplomats, Expats, Institutions, and organisations in Belgium through digital and PR marketing activities. As a result, a number of products were created including exclusive platforms visibility, PR actions, events, and exclusive media presence.

Premium Marketing owns and manages two exclusive platforms which are NATO Staff Centre and Premium Advantages. NATO Staff Centre is a dedicated platform for NATO staff, families, and retirees. Premium Advantages is the VIP platforms where members of EU Institutions, NATO, Embassies, Eurocontrol, Highly-positioned Expats, and other related communities come together. Both platforms have more than 5000+ active members and followers.

We invite you to be part of our exclusive members where you can promote and launch your product & services by incorporating PR & marketing activities only for the VIP and exclusive audiences such as:

  • Media relations. It focuses on circulating messages about your business values or raising awareness pertaining to your recent product launches.

  • Advertorials. Having the opportunity to be promoted by Premium Marketing through the use of newsletter and sponsorship & partnership announcement.

  • Social media campaign and activities.

  • Brochures and catalogues. Properly designed brochures and catalogues sent in a form of a newsletter (weekly/monthly) that will give the VIP and exclusive audiences confidence in getting to know more about your product & service offers. Sending brochures and catalogues directly to their email address (intranet) is immensely valuable with the purpose to educate them about how and where they can contact you to process their purchase request.

  • Launching business and community events.

  • Product & Service Placements. Having your product & services being exclusively displayed only for members that have been given access to view and also being communicated & promoted only towards the VIP and exclusive audiences.

Contact Premium Marketing head of business solutions at to send us your demo request to receive a product presentation on how to register your brand/business to Premium Advantages & NATO Staff Centre.

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