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Expert Insight: Creating A Successful 2022 Marketing Plan

Don't know where to start with your marketing strategy for 2022? To create a marketing plan that can help you achieve your objectives swiftly, follow these seven steps.

2022, believe it or not, is just around the corner. We're officially nearly closing Q4 of 2021and if you haven't already planned your marketing tactics for 2022, don't worry, we got you!

It is undeniable that brands have had a tumultuous year in 2021, particularly with supply chain challenges, remote work adjustment, limitations on sales and marketing activities which have increased the level of difficulties for every business to thrive and accelerate their game. Moreover, surviving 2021 is something that cannot be easily underestimated, and if you have overcome this year's challenges successfully, you would be absolutely able to manage and smash 2022! Utilising and developing what you haven't gained so far about marketing your business during a pandemic can help you to have a solid marketing strategy for 2022.

1. First, have a look at your 2021 strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy for 2021? It's time to dust it off and go through it together with your team. Despite the fact that we are still in 2021, you should have enough data from Q1, Q2, and Q3 to help you make thoughtful decisions.

Look at what did you do particularly well? Which strategies got you the best value for your money? What didn't go as planned? Did you achieve your objectives or did you fall short?

It's critical to take a look back at the marketing strategies you've already explored and implemented. By using this approach, it will help you from wasting time and money on ineffective campaigns and redirect your resources to channels that are more effective.

2. Identify (or re-identify) your target market

The needs of your target audience should be always at the center of your marketing strategy. Buyer personas can help you define and identify your target audience if you haven't previously. Even if you already have buyer personas, now is a good time to go through them and make any necessary changes. It is also ideal if you could develop and discover a new buyer persona for your target market.

Pay great attention to the buying and experience journey of each persona. Where do the majority of your paying clients come from? Keep your focus on the most effective channels so you may fine-tune your marketing strategies depending on what works. It's fine to attempt something new, but make it is connected to the reality of what is happening in the market. It wouldn't make sense, for example, to market on TikTok if your target demographic isn't on the platform.

You can always conduct paid interviews with your most loyal consumers if you want more in-depth market information. When you talk directly to your audience, you never know what insights you'll gain.

3. Perform a SWOT Analysis

Your SWOT analysis will undoubtedly evolve year after year, if not month after month. Make sure your marketing strategy for 2022 includes a current SWOT analysis. This will assist you in identifying both internal and external strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and risks.

4. Establish SMART objectives and KPIs

It's time to define goals for 2022 marketing after analyzing your 2021 plan, learning more about your audience, and completing a SWOT analysis.

Set SMART goals instead of a broad and generic statement for example "I want to bring in more clients." Implementing this strategy will help you determine and analyse effectively whether your marketing team was actually successful or not.

On a per-team or per-individual basis, you should also create key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of these goals. KPIs are indicators that help you achieve your SMART objectives and will keep your team accountable in 2022.

5. Determine your strategy

What marketing strategies can help you achieve your SMART objectives? For example, if you need to increase brand awareness by 20% by February 2022, what techniques will get you there the quickest?

Decide which approaches will work best for your company. To give you a sense of where to begin, consider the following strategies:

  • Public Relations

  • Experiential marketing

  • Influencers

  • Video marketing

  • Google Ads

  • Content marketing

  • Search engine optimization

  • Email communications

  • Paid social media

6. Set the budget & financial plan

If you don't know how much money you spent marketing yourself, you won't be able to calculate accurately your return on investment (ROI). That is why it is critical to developing annual budgets as well as budgets for each channel or technique.

You should have a marketing budget for 2022, but first, you must divide it into specified buckets so you know where your money is going. For example, if your annual budget is $53,000, you might spend $32,000 on social media and another $17,000 on public relations.

7. Use project management tools to help you keep on track

If you're serious about putting your marketing strategy into action and setting it clearly on a high level, choose project management tools like Asana, Monday, or Trello. This is the most effective technique to ensure that your team follows through on the marketing strategy.

Having your 2022 marketing strategy and budget plan written down on a word document or on a sheet of paper is not reliable enough to help you keep track of the performances and also provide a preview on how close you are to achieving your marketing goals.

The Bottom Line

2020 and 2021 are an example that your marketing plan can be changed abruptly and rapidly in an instant.

It's not wrong to adjust the plan when the world changes. Remember that you won't have to start from scratch if you follow these seven steps to create the framework for a great 2022 marketing plan.

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