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5 Impactful Marketing Trends You Should Jump On In 2022

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

We all know that marketing trends fastly come and go and are constantly changing. Marketing trends are also continuously adjusting to every newest launch in the industry as businesses attempt to better harness new technologies and respond to market movements. Nowadays, one particular trend that works extremely well is no longer just about making a big statement or producing attention-getting content. Businesses must then interact with prospective customers in meaningful ways, establish a reputation as a reliable source of information, and cultivate those relationships after making target audiences aware of their existence.

Here are insights on how to better your marketing strategy and approach according to what the market desires in 2022:

Build a long-term partnership and meaningful collaboration with influencers

Do you know that by establishing a longer-term agreement with influencers, you provide a high lifetime value and trustworthiness, particularly to your audiences? There are other benefits from working with influencers in a longer period of agreements which are:
  1. Influencers are the expert in delivering expectations and product performances directly to your audiences as they must understand, demonstrate, and provide an honest review about their experiences of using your product. Therefore, brand objectives are well-delivered and as a result, audiences will understand your product more.

  2. Because influencers are more likely to understand your brand and execute at a high level in order to be a partner, the way they produce their content is also highly-curated with a professional touch.

  3. Working with influencers will create a sustainable brand awareness that lasts for a long time, resulting in brand credibility and affection.

  4. Between the brand, the influencer, and the audience, there is more than just selling and business partnership. There is trust and loyalty particularly when it is nurtured by honesty and motivation for long-term success.

Storytelling strategy for your marketing and campaign success

No matter what business you're in, storytelling can help you connect with your audience and enhance your brand. Storytelling gives you the space to understand what your audiences like and as a result will have their best interests at heart. When your target audience connects with your business through storytelling, they feel like they're part of a community.

Need evidence? According to studies, narrating a story makes knowledge much more memorable. Psychologist Jerome Bruner discovered that when a fact is wrapped in a tale, we are 22 times more likely to remember it. Moreover, when people listened to pitches containing facts and figures or a story, only 5% remembered the statistic, but a whopping 63 percent remembered the story.

When delivering storytelling in marketing, you don't have to restrict the deliverable format in cinema or film only. Stories can be communicated in various ways for example through visual, oral, or in writing. The platform can be through billboards to social media. Through storytelling, it allows us to learn from the experiences of others and can influence, reinforce, or question our own beliefs and ideals. When a narrative fascinates us, we are more likely to absorb the information and meaning contained within it than if the same message were provided just in facts and data.

Experiential Marketing

More than ever before, customers are continuously looking for brands that can provide them with one important factor, experience. However, in this current era where digital and real-life experiences are more accessible than ever, standing out without making a conscious effort can be difficult. Brands that are able to provide exceptional customer experiences will be the ones that stand out. It's no mystery to CEOs, either: 68 percent of marketing executives say their organization is increasingly competing on customer experience. As consumers become more focused on experiences, more brands are turning to experiential marketing to help them achieve their goals.

Experiential marketing allows any company to engage customers in a unique way that encourages them to tell their friends and family about it. Customers are unlikely to share anything which they do not believe. As a result, experiential marketing allows customers to interact with a brand's products and services so that they may tell their friends and family about it.

Live Broadcast

Live broadcasting is another innovation that will swiftly emerge and gain traction this year. When face-to-face engagement with clients is not possible, there is no better method to stay in touch with them than through broadcasts like these, during which any viewer can ask a question and receive an answer.

Many people all around the world follow their favorite brands on social media, where they can obtain up-to-date information, learn about new goods, get updates, and watch videos. If your company has a YouTube channel, you've already won half the battle. You may connect with your subscribers via YouTube Live. The broadcast's theme can be changed at any time. You can conduct interviews, demonstrate the company's daily operations, discuss products, and much more.

How well you inform your customers determines the success of a broadcast. To do so, you'll need to post information about the date and time of the broadcast, as well as what will be discussed, on your website, social media accounts, or blogs ahead of time. You should also remind your subscribers to use the bell symbol to receive notifications when the program begins.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is the notion of generating ads that are so well integrated into the page content, design, and platform behavior that the viewer believes the ad belongs there. Native advertisements include things like promoted search results and paid social media postings. Users get the same type of value from both formats as they do from organic search results and user-generated social media postings.

Consumers are becoming increasingly resistive to traditional forms of advertising, such as display advertisements and banner ads, thus Fortune 500 companies and consumer startups are committing larger budgets and more ad spend to content marketing and non-disruptive ad formats.

One example of native advertising is an online new website and magazine. A sponsored article will frequently show in the "Recommended Articles" section or as an in-feed button leading to a different website. These articles are sponsored and promote various products, although they will frequently strive to make the blog material valuable and informative to people who are interested in the general topic but not necessarily the advertisement. Sponsored posts may attract a wide range of people to a single native advertising page by giving interesting and helpful content while avoiding pop-ups and banners.


Trends will never stop. In marketing, you must constantly keep yourself updated, or else the result of your marketing campaign and strategy won't turn out as expected. By working with a full-service marketing agency like us, you don't have to worry about keeping up with marketing trends as we will provide everything you need. To collaborate with us and if you have any partnership inquiries, send us your request, or any inquiries to

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