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11 Important Instagram Trends You Need to Watch in 2022

Instagram may have started out as a photo-sharing social media platform, but much has changed since its inception in 2010. Instagram trends show that video content, as well as the ability to buy directly from the platform, is on the rise.

The app's various features now provide a vast array of options. When it comes to digital marketing strategies, companies must invest in having an up-to-date Instagram profile with valuable content, as it has become one of the most popular social media platforms.

Whether you act on Instagram marketing trends or not, it's critical to be aware of what's going on so you can build a social media strategy and content calendar that are both relevant to your brand and success. You can stay flexible and relevant if you stay informed. Continue reading to learn about the top Instagram trends that you should be aware of in 2022.

Instagram reels are the trend

Instagram Reels debuted in 2020 and were gradually rolled out to all users in 2021. This Instagram micro-video addition was created as a competitor to TikTok, which has become extremely popular.

Reels, which began as 15-second clips, can now be up to 60 seconds long. Reels receive more engagement on Instagram than regular videos, demonstrating their popularity and the importance of including this content type in your Instagram strategy.

How to Make the Most of Instagram Reels:

  • Make a series of quick how-to guides for your products or services.

  • Choose a popular meme and put your own spin on it.

  • Collaborate with an influencer to learn about how they use your products or services.

Instagram Is Catching Up to Television In Terms of Popularity

When IGTV debuted in 2018, it appeared to be a natural extension of the stories. Instagram users now have more room to film various aspects of their lives. But it grew to be quite large! According to Instagram, mobile video will account for 78 percent of total mobile data traffic. Despite its slow adoption, IGTV is expected to make significant contributions to this trend.

It implies that you should include long-form video content in a vertical format in your marketing strategy. You can show moments from behind-the-scenes, Q&A sessions, and interviews with influencers, depending on the type of brand you're promoting—really anything that your audience will be interested in. Instagram effectively allows you to broadcast your own television show. Make the most of it!

Stories and links are best friends

Swipe-up links were first introduced for accounts with 10,000 or more followers a few years ago, but links became more egalitarian this fall. Anyone (including you!) can now add a link sticker to their story, opening up a huge opportunity for small businesses looking to drive traffic to another site or platform.

More users are likely to take advantage of this new capability as we approach 2022. Simply tap the "add sticker" icon in create mode and select the "link" sticker to add an external link to your story. You'll be asked to enter the URL, and you'll have the option to change the sticker text if you want to.

Instagram Live

When everything went online, Instagram Live took off right at the start of the pandemic and is still going strong today. Business owners are sharing their stories, and fans are discovering new ways to interact with their favorite brands. Instagram Live will undoubtedly be an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy in 2022, no matter what industry you're in.

Even if you don't want to do a traditional face-to-camera video, you can use Instagram Live to connect with your audience in a variety of ways. You can do the following:

  • Provide how-to videos for your products or services.

  • Take your audience on a step-by-step journey.

  • Your audience will be introduced to your team.

  • Allow your audience to interrogate you.

  • Organize and host interviews.

In 2022, whatever way you use Instagram Live, you'll want to be creative and present on the platform.

Less Emphasis on Posts and More on Stories

Did you know that Instagram stories have taken the social media world by storm, attracting over 500 million daily viewers? It's a very impressive figure. According to Instagram research, stories have become a popular way for users to keep track of their family and friends. It includes the products they use, the restaurants they visit, and activities they enjoy doing.

Your Instagram posts, on the other hand, are solely about discovering high-definition content. We're not saying they're unimportant, but they pale in comparison to Instagram stories. The majority of Instagram users scan their feeds for new products and information, including that of brands. It's good news for brands, but it's difficult for regular visitors to visualize their content in the muddle. As a result, instead of focusing on feeds, you should focus on stories, which are sharable enough to drive higher engagement than ever before.

Don't Neglect the AR Features

Instagram now has augmented reality (AR) features, in case you didn't know. Stories have the most popular features. They've had basic filters for a while, but now they've added an AR music feature that allows you to interact with the music while creating your Story or Reel.

Whether you're using filters to slightly alter your appearance while still looking realistic or heavily to have some fun, almost everyone on Instagram uses them. Instagram has a good chance of continuing to roll out more AR features in 2022. Keep an eye out for them and have some fun experimenting with them.

Content, content, content!

Four out of five Gen Z Instagram users believe that creators have as much, if not more, cultural influence than traditional celebrities. And, thanks to the rise of the creator economy during the pandemic, there are now more content wizards on Instagram than ever before: 50 million, to be exact, as of 2021.

By 2022, 72.5 percent of marketers are expected to use influencer marketing, and Instagram's Collabs and Branded Content ads are making it easier than ever for brands to collaborate. The platform's most recent features enable creators to list brands with which they'd like to collaborate, as well as brands to filter and search for the best-fit creators for specific campaigns.

Instagram is basically playing matchmaker to the best of its ability, and it really, really wants you to get along. A new section in direct messages dedicated to partner messages should make it easier to communicate with a potential collaborator.

Instagram Stories With Audio

Did you know that 60% of Instagram stories are watched with the sound turned on? As a result, when sharing stories on social media, turn up the volume. This year, as well as in the future, we anticipate more sound and voiceovers on the image-sharing platform.

Despite the fact that designing stories without sound is still relevant today, a new Facebook and Instagram study shows that visitors prefer music and voiceover. According to studies, 80 percent of Instagram stories with a voiceover or music perform significantly better than ads with no sound.

Shopping on Instagram

Since Instagram added the ability to include direct links to purchase a product in stories and posts, the app has become more popular for its selling capabilities. Instagram has improved its conversion sales power and is no longer just a display platform.

Users will find it much easier to complete a purchase by simply clicking on the link and being taken to the product's page. To enhance the user experience, even more, the platform has recently launched Instagram check out.

Users can enter payment and shipping information in the app and complete the transaction without having to leave Instagram. You can also save your information for future purchases.

Collaboration Albums Called "Add Yours"

In late fall 2021, people's Instagram stories began to feature tantalizing new "Add Yours" stickers. Users would be asked to share their own Story based on a specific theme, such as the last photo on their camera roll, the person they love, or a picture that represents the year 2021. When you tap on the sticker itself, you'll be taken to a gallery of photos from other people who followed the theme's request. If you want to call it that, it's a collaborative album or thread.

These Add Yours stickers give something that was already happening across Stories and Posts a more formal structure and filing system. Instagram didn't invent photo or video challenges, but these new stickers help to standardize the experience.

With these stickers, anyone can create a new theme, so take this as a challenge to create a challenge for your brand that fans can personalize and share with their own followers.

The Power of Memes

Who doesn't enjoy sharing a good meme with their friends and laughing at it? One of the reasons for making memes one of the Instagram trends for 2022 is their high level of engagement.

You can use them to make a funny connection with your target audience, allowing them to relax while also encouraging interaction. However, before you begin sharing any meme, make sure you understand its true meaning and look for ways to connect it to aspects of your business, product, or service.


There are likely more trends coming up in the future that you must keep an eye on. Examine these current and upcoming trends in order to expand your business, increase your fan base, and increase product sales.

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