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Market to
Premium Customers

Premium Marketing is a marketing agency creating growth for brands looking for Premium Customers.

Reach and engage with High-Value Audiences through Content, Exclusive platforms and Media.

Finding high-value customers is hard

Reduce marketing anxiety and increase your business stability by leveraging the expat and international customers market.

(No, you do need to be an expert. We are!)

Premium Customers represent the Top 10% expenditure of the European market

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Gain Customer Loyalty 

Premium Customers are 48% more likely to promote a brand. Furthermore, 41% of this audience say they tell their friends and family about new products (25% more likely than everyone else), so they could be extremely influential voices for brands to get on side. 

Boost your marketing with high-value, customer focused marketing and tap on the most lucrative niche

Premium Marketing will work with you to design and implement a top notch high-value customer focused marketing action. 

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Market to Top Customers and communities including Executives, Members and Families of Intergovernmental Organisations, EU Institutions, NATO, Embassies, Associations, C-Suite of Corporations and International Businesses. 

Marketing Actions with Impact

✔︎ Your brand introduced to high-value customers

✔︎ Visibility in relevant media and platforms

✔︎ Leverage of omnichannel marketing

✔︎ High-value customer focused copywriting

✔︎ Brand introductions and invites

✔︎ Feature in partner channels

✔︎ Community network intro

✔︎ Branding webpage

✔︎ Landing webpage

✔︎ Newsletters

✔︎ Blog posts

✔︎ and more...

Young Artist

We've got you covered!

From brand activation, to campaigns and full marketing support.

Benefits just for your brand

  • Boost business awareness

  • A shortcut to exclusive clients

  • Increase foot and online traffic

  • Improve sales

  • Highly targeted marketing

  • Expert marketing team

  • Flexible plans

  • Affordable and cost effective

Exclusive & highly targeted visibility for your brand

Market to Premium Customer communities through omnichannel marketing.

We market your brand on exclusive media, communities and platforms, made for premium customers, affluent audiences and high profile individuals. We communicate with these member not only via social media but also newsletters, blogs, partner media and through the intranet.

More questions?
Talk with our Marketing Team

Our marketing team is here to assist you in defining the prospect of your company & brand to be part of our exclusive sponsors & partners through ideas and project assessment together with helping you develop new marketing and promotional campaigns through the use of interactive elements, trends, and insights that are suitable and aligned with our VIP and exclusive communities.

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